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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Trojan War

Derek and I are doing our research paper over the Trojan War. I think this is a good topic and we are getting good information about it. My favorite character is probably Achilles. I think he is a sweet fighter. He uses a shield and spear and is pretty much unstoppable because he was almost immortal. The only problem was that his mom never dipped his ankle in the River Styx so he died from an arrow there that Paris shot. But he died a hero since he took down Hector before his death. Hector killed the cousin of Achilles named Patroklos. Patroklos put on Achilles' armor and fought in the war pretending to be Achilles. Hector killed him which made Achilles very angry. We have 5 questions we are using for the research paper and I think we will be able to find good information on them.

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  1. Very Impressive... Thank You