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Monday, March 19, 2012

First Kayaking Trip of the Year

Yestarday I went on my first kayaking trip of the year. The air was really warm but the water was freezing, it was about 40 degrees. We were only going 6 miles but the threat of hypothermera was very real. The first half of the trip was easy, we went through some class 2 and had a taste of class three rapids. The second half was bad, the water was really slow and flat in some spots. Going through boat house rapids one of the Vets capsized and did a wet exit. He went into shock so we had to wait about an hour trying to calm in down and get him stable. That made the trip pretty eventfull. One of the trainers taught me how to surf some of the waves. So I was playing around in some of the rapids. The trip was a great way to start the year of kayaking.

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